American Land Title, LLC offers a wide variety of services and the excellent customer support that our customers and professional partners expect and deserve.

Closing and Escrow Services

As settlement agent, American Land Title, LLC is a neutral third party that will carry out the instructions in a purchase agreement between the buyer and seller or the loan requirements in a refinance situation. We also handle all of the disbursements associated with the closing.

We offer three primary types of escrow closings:

Home Closing 101: An Educational Initiative of the American Land Title Association
Home Closing 101
: An Educational Initiative of the American Land Title Association
  1. Purchase/Sale

  2. Involving both a buyer and seller, you can count on American Land Title, LLC to provide the highest quality service and attention to detail whether you are a realtor, attorney, lender, builder or developer.
  3. Refinancing

  4. Refinancing is the process of obtaining new lender financing on a property. There are several reasons to refinance, the most common being either to reduce the rate of interest on a loan or to withdraw equity in the property for major expenditures (e.g. home improvements, educational expenses, etc.).
  5. Commercial

  6. American Land Title, LLC has some of the best commercial closers in the area. We are experienced professionals and provide a full array of services in all types of commercial closings.